School Employee Workshops

Sometimes educators are so busy preparing students for their futures that they don’t take time to think about their own.  Fortunately, we can help.

At Horace Mann, we believe we have the experience to help advise and educate the educators.  Our agents conduct free, informative workshops (available in most states) – with no sales pitch – for educators at various stages of their careers.   

State Teachers' Retirement System Workshops

State teachers’ retirement system workshops focus on the ins and outs of your state’s retirement system and how it fits in with their overall retirement plan.  Your employees will learn detailed information about their state-specific retirement benefits and how their state retirement income is determined. 

Financial Success Workshops

Financial success workshops focus on several important financial matters, such as saving, budget and credit management, protecting assets and putting investments to work for you.  This is a great workshop for young teachers who need help with finances today and plans for the future.

Your local Horace Mann representative can schedule a workshop in your school at your convenience – on in-service days or before or after school.  All of the workshop materials will be provided free of charge. 

To schedule a workshop in your school or district contact your local Horace Mann representative.

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