School Payroll Program

Add value to your employees' benefits without adding costs.

Payroll administrators have plenty to do, so we’re happy to help make their jobs easier.  Our School Payroll Program gives your employees the opportunity to have their Horace Mann auto and life insurance premiums and annuity contributions taken directly from their paycheck.  Then, you simply send us one payment.  It’s a great benefit – at no cost to the district!  And, you may be providing a discount for the employee!

With this service, your employees may benefit from:

  • No down payment required in most states;
  • Exclusive educator rates;
  • Multiline discounts; and
  • An Auto Payroll Deduction Discount (where available) in addition to other eligible discounts.

Our School Payroll Program also helps your payroll administrator with accuracy and efficiency.  All the payroll administrator has to do is input the correct deduction or reduction amounts into your system, and we do the calculations for you.  Other benefits for the district include:

  • Flexible billing cycles – we’ll match the number of deductions to the number of paychecks employees receive during a 12-month period, even if they don’t work over the summer;
  • Timely change notices – whenever an employee’s deduction or reduction amount changes; and 
  • Detailed billing notices – including the deduction or reduction amount per participating employee.  
  • And, all of our payroll administration services cost you nothing!

Plus, Horace Mann’s online billing system makes the entire process more convenient for your school.  You can use our online billing system to:

  • Make online payments
  • Eliminate paper bills
  • View current and paid billing statements
  • Receive email reminders when online bills are generated
  • Communicate changes to us
  • Confirm changes made by us
  • Add comments to your file
  • Double-check your reconciliation
  • View annuity plan information, including plan provisions and product descriptions
  • Pay your flex or group bills (if applicable)

We’ve even included a library of convenient online payroll administration forms for your payroll administrator to use with Horace Mann’s School Payroll Services.  

Contact your local Horace Mann representative to establish our payroll administration service for your employees.

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